Stephanie Deer

The beehive lady emerged from the matriarchs who inspired me as a child.  These proud, native-Utah women loved their families, careers, aprons, roadshows, and the occasional warm meal.  Incredible ladies, all of them.  They continue to profoundly influence my work with their strength, vitality, and style.
Draper has been my home for ten  years and I maintain my studio there so that I can be with my daughter, Amelia.  She has an easel next to mine.  We paint, laugh, and listen to malt shop fifties tunes to set the mood.
I am a self-taught artist and by combining several media together by trial and error, my style evolved over time.  Vibrant color and humor are mainstays in my pieces and I often comment on how  SERIOUS  I am about  FUNNY.
      My motivation starts with the Beehive State.  Utah in all its quirky glory inspires me.  Can you imagine a world without fry sauce? Funeral potatoes?  The greatest snow on earth?   I shudder at the thought.  These are the warm, vibrant, often hilarious things that connect me to our community.  Painting allows me to celebrate all the pop culture icons that give Utah its unique personality.